PADI Open Water Course

Why Not Join A Select Group Of People Who Explore The Underwater World !

PADI Open Water Course

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive within Pattaya and discover new adventures or simply see some of the wonders beneath the waves, here is your chance to begin and it all starts with the PADI Open Water Diver course.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is definitely the most recognized diving certification in the world. It has introduced millions of people all around the world given them a chance to meet new friends, within the 3 to 4 day course you will experience the thrill and the adventure of the diving lifestyle.

When you take your first breaths underwater it will give you the feel of excitement and the flexibility that you can achieve anything. You will experience many marine creatures close up, it is such an amazing experience something you will never forget. So why not come and join us today and experience the thrill of a lifetime and get the rush of diving within Pattaya.

The Padi Open Water Course can be completed within 3-4 days depending on your requirements.

What is Involved ?

Day 1 :- Theory 

Spend a day in the classroom with your instructor to learn all the theory and safety aspects of diving. You will need to watch a  video with 5 sections, also there is 5 knowledge reviews, 4 quizzes and a final exam.

Paper Manual or e-manual

The course comes with either a paper manual or an e-manual

The PADI Open water e-manual, is an online version of the Padi paper open water manual You receive a code to register online and then you can read and study the book online before you start the course whilst also completing your knowledge questions. This knowledge is then reviewed and reinforced with videos training sessions at the dive center before your instructor gives you the quizzes and a final exam to complete the theory portion of the course.

This option gives you access to an online version of the open water manual for life which is always kept up to date! ... (Save a tree take an e-manual.)

 Day 2 :- Confined skills:

The confined water sessions consist of 5 skill sessions taught in either a swimming pool, or a shallow sandy area with swimming pool conditions. This will teach you the necessary skills and safety procedures to be able to go onto the Open Water.

Day 3 -4 :- Open Water

Once you have completed the theory and confined skills it’s time to put all that knowledge into practice. You will complete 4 dives over 2 days reviewing the skills you practiced in confined while fun diving exploring the reefs.

Open water courses are available to start any day, 3-4 days in a row or we can schedule the course over weekends or split up the days to suit your schedule.

What is included :-

All fees materials and Certification application.
Hotel pick up and return (Pattaya area)
Rental Equipment
Delicious Thai and western food, freshly cooked on the boat
Water, coffee, tea, soft drinks
Assorted tropical Thai fruit

At Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya, We alway try to give you the best tuition we can, meaning that we do not have large numbers in the group. Normally it's  1 instructor per 2 students this is purely for safety reasons and giving you the best instruction we can. The maximum is 1 instructor to 4 students.

Juniors 10-12 years are no more than 2 students to 1 instructor.

The entry-level Open Water certification takes you from beginner to certified diver in just three or four days depending on yourself.  Once you have completed the Open Water Course, you will join an elite group of people all around the world also given you the ability to go diving with any other certified diver to 18 meters, anywhere in the world.

If you do not have the time or you would like a head start then this is a great way to do the course. On enrolling on the course we will send you the codes from PADI Direct so that you can then start learning today. You can fully complete all the knowledge review questions from 1-5 within the PADI open water course also having a digital manual which you can access in your own language at anytime

If you’re time within Pattaya is limited and you are looking for a more flexible way to fit a PADI Open Water Course into your busy schedule then try the PADI’s online scuba courses this is perfect for you.

Great News !!! Now Padi allow you to do your academics before you arrive so that you can spend
more time diving within Pattaya enjoying your well earned holiday.

To complete the e-learning PADI Open Water course (Please contact us for details on how to register),

By doing the e-leaning it will saving you a day of academics, and, or, if you are reasonably comfortable in the water before you arrive we can accomplish the pool session from the boat by performing the required skills in shallow water pool like conditions, protected by one of Pattaya’s shallow beaches, saving the pool day so that you have more time in the ocean.

The entry-level Open Water certification takes you from beginner to certified diver in just three to four days dependant on yourself. Once you have completed the Open Water Course, you will join an elite group of people all around the world also given you the ability to go diving independently with any other certified diver down to (recommended) 18 meters, anywhere in the world.