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Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya - News update



We at Jomtien Dive Center are pleased to be working closely with SUPER DIVERS, PHUKET. This will mean we can offer you, the customer a wide range of activities and experiences like Similans liveaboards. Super Divers have a large selection of liveaboards to suit all budgets and tastes. They actually specialize in Similans liveaboard. Similans diving schedules and prices all at your fingertips. They also offer a full range of Phuket scuba diving Day trips and all PADI courses within Phuket from there PADI dive center on Patong Beach.50 We at jomtien Dive center can now offer you the full range of diving within Phuket as well as Pattaya that includes All PADI courses as well as SSI courses. Over the next couple of weeks we will be putting together pictures, prices lists and documentation on all our Diving trips which will include airport transfers, accommodation and special promotional deals with lots more. Please take a look at Super Divers website.



Diving Jomtien and Pattaya

Todays Diving 24th August 2013What a day !!! Yes the boat went out to koh Sak today with about 10 divers and a couple of DSD’s . The first dive was on the wreck HTMS Kut, visibility was ok but nothing special nevertheless we did see was the big turtle that now seems to live there, also a lot of small macro that has been building up on the wreck for sometime now. It always seems to be a good dive when we do the wreck plenty to see and sometimes a little bit challenging. The second dive was on Koh Sak West, visibility was good which made for a great dive with my 2 DSD’s they came up from the diving seeing quite a lot of different species of fish, small Jacks, puffer fish, boxed fish, blue spotted rays, bamboo shark and even one very small seahorse which are extremely difficult to see at Koh Sak. So to everybody on the boat today and especially my two DSD,s I would like to say a big thanks.If you would like to book for a days diving or even fancy doing the Open water course please 



Pattaya Diving

Daily Dive Trips Come and join us

Today we have all decided to get on the boat, great news for us divers also looking at the boat booking in-form it’s even better with only 24 divers   imgres-3  ‘Great news”   as usual the boat leaves around 8:30 am, that is in the morning for those that are not early risers. Today is the first day for a little while that the weather has started to calm down, so that means we should be able to get out to the far Islands and enjoy a really good dive and maybe dive the HTMS Khram, which is a wreck that is situated near Koh Pi. If after reading this blog you are interested in doing the wreck specialty course or even fancy diving the wreck just for pleasure, please contact us and we will be only too happy in giving you the latest information and prices.Please click on the link 



Open Water Diving Course

Whichever agency you choose We at Jomtien Dive Center will endeavour  to take you through the Open Water divers so that you will become a certified Scuba Diver. Its the ticket to exciting adventures in the underwater world that lasts for a lifetime. The 4 day Open Water Course including 5 dives, 1 in confined water & 4 in the open ocean,  is your first step on the diving certification ladder.  This Open Water license enables you to dive to a depth not to exceed 18 meters, in conditions not to exceed your training, with a buddy, who is also a certified diver, at 100% of all diving destinations throughout the world! What’s involved? The SSI and PADI Open Water courses are divided into modules and consist of five academic sessions – video and lecture, shallow water sessions – amidst the beauty of the islands’ sheltered beaches, and then four open water dives in the ocean.What do I need to start? Be at least 10 years old and be able to swim.Jomtien Dive Center provides all equipment, boat trips, etc., for the duration of the course. We can lend you the  SSI Manual for all SSI Courses but the PADI Manuals must be bought for an additional 1200 Baht.How much? Only 12000  Thb  Click here to book your Open Water Course



New Shop Opening Jomtien

Well, after weeks of careful planning, contractor supervision, scuba partnerships and stocking our dive center and retail shop is now open for business!

It was a big job as the premises were in pretty poor condition when we took them over.  As you can see from the before and after photos, it is a major transformation..! 

We sought to create a comfortable environment for divers and shoppers alike. As we all know Pattaya is a haven for holidaymakers and scuba divers and we offer a comprehensive range of diving opportunities as well as equipment for purchase. 

We have a terrific location, right on Jomtien beach, with a glorious view of the beach and sea from our center. A convenient rendezvous point for our divers to meet and head down to the pier together to our dive boat. 




Why not take a Snorkeling Tour

This has no age barriers and in Pattaya you’ll find snorkeling easy, fun and not expensive for an enjoyable day out in the water. The shallow, calm bays of Koh Rin Island are ideal for Swimming and Snorkeling Tours in the clear blue waters and here you’ll find thriving coral reefs with lots of tropical fishes. No special skills are required for our Snorkel Trips and no exertion is required to stay afloat as we offer all of our snorkelers a safety flotation vest. You will be naturally buoyant as you float face down in the water and when you breathe through a snorkel even non-swimmers can enjoy the underwater world drifting over the Coral Reefs. The world you see through your scuba mask is an amazing sight of colour and movement with multi-coloured tropical reef fish darting among the coral heads feeding on plants and algae, while soft corals, sea fans, and sponges flutter in the currents. Coral Reefs are one of the most diverse environments in the world. 
Welcoming all snorkelers and non-divers to join our daily dive trips, the spacious dive boat has a large, relaxing upper sun deck and we serve a Thai Buffet style lunch with Tea, Coffee and Iced Water provided free of charge all day. Snorkeling equipment such as a mask, snorkel, wetsuit and fins are also available for those who would like to jump in the water and swim around the coral reefs.



Anchor Points

On the 15th of July, 2013, The Dive Tribe, Adventure Divers and Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya, teamed up to start a project in the Pattaya area of installing proper Buoy anchor points at most of the reefs in our area. This is the first one done under water (here in Pattaya) and it is the Dive Tribe’s wish to start at Koh Sak. Adventure Divers provided the boat and lift bags and the Dive Tribe provided the drilling machine and the anchor, donated from different businesses and organizations. Hugely fun to do, it took only about an hour to start and complete, with all equipment back on board and as we do more it can only go better. We hope that the Dive Tribe will be successful in attracting enough donations to put up to a hundred buoys down, protecting our reefs. Below is a video put together from a couple of different camera men.



Night Dive HTMS Kut

On the 4th of July, 2013, the evening time will have very slack tides so will be perfect for a night dive on the HTMS Kud. We have done this dive quite a few times in the past and it is a great night dive. What makes it so nice is the tons of shrimp and small triangle “Bush” crabs that you can see at night. Hundreds of little red glowing eyes, everywhere you shine your dive light. This outing, I will try to capture this on my underwater camera. We will leave the pier by 1630 hrs, motor out to Koh Sak and do a dusk dive, followed by a Spaghetti dinner, then a proper night dive on the HTMS Kud around 2000 hrs. If anyone is interested



HTMS Kut Wreck Dive

The HTMS Kut was purpose sunk to create an artificial reef on September 17th, 2006. This is the same as her sister ship HTMS Khram. Both wrecks share the same design with minor differences. Although the Khram features a richer growth of coral (attributed to the longer time under water), the advantage of the Kut is its easy accessibility just minutes away from the Bali Hai pier.

Today Actually dived the ‘kut’. Over the past couple of months nobody has been able to dive on it, hence when we dived on it today it was a great dive, lots and lots of small creatures have invaded the wreck different types of macro, an abundance of different types of fish, new soft corals as well as the usual corals …. A really a good wreck dive.




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