HTMS Khram Wreck Dive

The Khram wreck was prepared by the Thai Navy and sunk on the 30th January 2003. It offers so many things to do on it that everyone can enjoy diving this wreck. If you are just exploring the outside of the wreck then the schools of Barracudas, Bat Fish, yellow Jacks are incredible.
There are many Scorpion Fish camouflaged in the growth (be careful where you put your hands) and the amount of shrimps and crabs are enough to keep you busy.The soft corals are spectacular and the surface of the wreck is covered in shell life. This is a macro photography heaven!! Taking distance shots is a challenge because of the light conditions but some distance photography efforts have produced interesting photos. Video has met with success as well.

For penetrations the Khram wreck is a diver’s dream having been well prepared and offers a range from very easy penetrations to fairly advanced wreck penetrations. There is room to grow your wreck diving skills! There are many things to discover inside the wreck as there are instrument gauges, lockers and desks, toilets and showers, an infirmary, mess room and kitchen, boilers and store rooms. Some small artifacts still lay in wait of being found. The Khram is the most popular wreck dive in Pattaya. The depth to the top of the wreck is 15m and the depth to the sea bed = 30m. Visibility 2-15m, but is seems to average around 3 to 8 meters.

This ship has been well prepared by the Thai Navy as a dive site, and is free from armaments, oil and most hazards to divers. Large holes have been cut in many areas and penetration dives through the ships passageways rarely takes the diver out of natural light.The Bridge/Radio room: This is the highest area of the wreck. It is possible to stand on the bridge at 15m depth. All the glass has been taken out (sadly the portholes have gone too, sigh!), telegraph, steering mechanism, and any bits that may be used as spare parts are gone. Entry into the bridge area is simple and safe. A few new divers will probably have their certification cards presented to them in this room.Deck Area and side passageways: The ship was made for carrying tanks, troops and equipment to a beach head, so the center of the boat is a large flat area with built up sides. There are several points of entry into the well lit side corridors, don’t kick up the silt in them as you swim through, else a complete silt out will occur. HTMS Khram Wreck DiveEngine room: Located aft, entry via a large access hole in the middle of the load deck. Again, great natural light in this area (unlike most engine rooms) Both main engines have been removed (probably to use as spares for her Thai Navy sister ship HTMS Kut). This is a great tech diving classroom, with pipes gauges and dials everywhere, though who knows how long they’ll stay. Again, careful with silt in this area, as it’s possible to get trapped under overhanging ledges far under the deck. The dive site is marked by 2 buoys at each end of the wreck.